Fitness & Nutrition Studio

EMS Technology


What was once only possible after years of training at a conventional gym can now be achieved in far less time at our BTrain studio. Together with our EMS certified Fitness Director and our Nutrition Director, members will achieve their long-awaited fitness and health goals.

BTrain is not an ordinary gym; we are a fitness and nutrition studio that combines fitness training with EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) machines and proper nutrition guidance (no restrictions, no diets), allowing you to achieve your goals. This small and personalized studio allows only two members to take part in a session at a time, each with his or her own machine.  The best part is that these sessions are only 25 minutes long, contracting 300 muscles, replacing 3 hours of training at a conventional gym and it only takes eight sessions to see and feel the results. Muscles contract 85 times per second activating the deepest fibers.